Chris at SDR Cheshire for his support and sponsorship to fund banners for our Fairfooty initiative - he also supplies players!!!
For our all-inclusive activities - a grant for much needed equipment - 21x7 goals 
Manchester Airport Trust Fund Thank you
For Fairfooty events - May 2016  thanks to....
Recent sponsors 2015/16 - Many thanks to Greenlight/Mark Ashton Property Services, Stevenson-Glassey Solicitors, Proclean and Mono-Consultants all for supporting our rapid movement forward. Donations to help supply tracksuit tops and to ALL the teams plus coaches!
To Pioneer Security for their donation to provide coats for ALL our players and coaches!!
 Any future sponsors will get website exposure here plus their company logo on our training/matchday pre-game wear. Many thanks Steve

With a lot of recent interest in this initiative - we have been on Yorkshire ITV along with CP Sport and have also appeared in many local newspapers along with the Manchester Eve News - this could be the 'ideal' opportunity for you to get 'in early' and establish a long-running relationship with us. If you like these ideas, then please email - admin at (@)  

As this is a very worthwhile cause, we are now actively looking to create 'long-term' relationships with reputable sponsors - large or small. If you want to be linked with this initiative, which is aimed at moving disabled children 'forward', then please get in touch. We need many things where you can also benefit from 'excellent' advertising - either on this site or on training products/mentions/thankyou's for items/services provided a events. 

As an example, there is a lot of current interest in funding the mainstream 'Spanish Soccer' initiative re printing and also re the disability section for 3 'inflatable' barriers (@9 x 16m each) - so children 'don't' always have the ball running away from them and which also provide 'safe' cushioning. These barriers will also have lots of advertising space for optimum exposure! Football kits, balls, bibs, advertising on this site, can also prove to be excellent opportunities for larger/smaller companies to display their names and be linked to a very 'good' cause! We also need help funding the regional events that are now coming in thick and fast.

Many thanks Steve


If you just want to link with me and are a reputable site/establishment/affiliate, then please also contact us. First link.....
In relation to our up and coming Manchester event.... - paid part of our recent Leeds event
Dave Beswick of Mann Island finance - paying !40 towards our 280 costs for the next Manchester event 27 April. Big thanks to Pannones Solicitors in Manchester who are providing much needed inflatable barriers for the disabled soccer section - these will be brilliant for the children so the ball stays on the pitch!

Lucozade Powerleague Manchester Central 
20 Union St Manchester M12 4JD

A great initiative - setting up football for 'all' - just like this site! Many thanks to Daley for joining up with us on this.

David Roberts Physio - provided free volunteer help/qualified physio via James Holland for our 12 Jan Manchester event along with raffle donations.

                                                                          THANK YOU TO YOU ALL!